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Interview at the University of Salamanca

Awareness Friday Series: An Informative Journey into Today’s Brazilian Socio-Political Landscape Through Contemporary Art Practice’.


‘Interview with David Magila: Man-Made Landscapes in Brazil and the Dystopian Present of the Natural Scenario’.

FRIDAY 29TH OF APRIL 2022, 12:00 PM (UK Time).

Kalinca Costa Söderlund will open the Contemporary Brazilian Art Interview Series at the University of Salamanca with David Magila @davidmagila, an artist from São Paulo with decades of research and production based on Brazilian architecture and its complexities.

The interview will focus on the ecological question and discuss the work ‘Baits 5’ (2019). This work was on show at the acclaimed British Cultural Festival in Sao Paulo, brazil, in 2019.

This work is a three-dimensional amorphic pieces made from construction debris collected in Praia do Leste, a seaside urban area located in the municipality of Iguape, on the southern coast of São Paulo. The debris resulted from the destruction of a housing development due to the advancement of the ocean over the continent.

The work deals with ecology and a central theme. It also touches the issues of human movement in spaces or places, regional architecture, and Brazil’s public policies on social occupation.


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